by The Dispersions

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The Dispersions would like to thank: the friends and family of James, Jesse, and Misha, Sam Kwietniak, The Kennett Flash, Kenzie Mason, Billy Cook, Rishabh Singh, Science Club, BenKyle Mankin, Denise Pearson, Lucas Naylor/TIEM, Kenny Miller, Tony Danza, Justin Wilson, Matt Keim,the ex-girlfriends of James McGill that helped inspire many songs, and all of our friends that love and support us.


released May 12, 2017

Produced by Rish Singh
Mastered by Sean Ahern

Recorded at Drexel:
July-September 2016

Catch Me on the Flipside-McGill;cowritten by Fogg, Pearson
Lady Disaster- McGill; Fogg, Pearson
Agenda- McGill; Fogg/Pearson
Sophomoria (The Millennial Song)- McGill
Ballad of Curtis- McGill; Fogg, Pearson
Charms- Fogg; Pearson, McGill
James Dean- McGill
Julie- McGill; Singh
Farewell- McGill; Fogg, Pearson, Singh

All drumming done by Maddux Pearson except on track 1 and 8, done by Misha Datskovsky.
James McGill- guitars, vocals, piano
Jesse Fogg- bass, vocals
Additional background/gang vocals: BenKyle Mankin and Matt Kiem



all rights reserved


The Dispersions Coatesville, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Catch Me on the Flipside
Sick of living a repeditive life
It's 2AM and I'm fed up with this strife
I'm gonna do something that others call dumb
Last thing I wanna feel is numb
Tokin' up, feelin' free, and it's finally gone
This is my life and I never have won.

I've been so damn bored with the way I live my life,
now I'm living- on the flip side
I'm so lazy and I need a piece of mind,
maybe I'll find it, on the flipside.

I'm waking up and I don't wanna leave bed
I gotta rattling inside of my head
Should I be miserable and make ends meat
Or love my life, in financial defeat
I'm just a kid (but I'm a man) so I gotta mature
I don't wanna grow old, but it must occur.
Track Name: Lady Disaster
In her younger days she played petty little games
Breaking hearts of romantics, never taking the blame
She did it to me and I can still feel the burn
But there's a vital lesson she would never learn.

Cared for herself and no one mattered
Now living regret, she feels her life is shattered.

She's not a lady of mine (lady of mine)
I'm not wasting my time
I told her once and never looked back (never looked back)
She's not a girl for me (she's a lady of disaster)

She used to be just fine, she was a-okay
Till her daddy packed his bags and ran away
Taking life in her hand, she played life like a game
Fast forwarding ten years things just aren't the same.

Another comes as one leaves now
A gap in her heart can never be filled to this day

She walks across an empty room
Void of all, she knows
She looks into a mirror now
And takes her life, away